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Jan 25, 2018

From Sloppy Taco Palace, we got together after the wildly successful cornhole tournament and Ellipsis Brewing grand opening.  Fisher, Alex, and The Intern welcome Logic Man and Vegeta as we down our sloppy tacos.  On this episode, we discuss

- Jack Off Chafing

- Condom Jacking

- Clone a willy continuation

- Ellipsis Brewing Grand Opening

- #PoonMachine

- Stuffing the cornhole

- Dilly Dilly Dad

- First ever cornhole champs of Ellipsis brewing

- Thirsty Topher show recap

- Transparent Fisher

- Chores split with the spouse

- Laundry Talk

- Tide Pod Conspiracy 

- What is Fast Food Jesus watching on Netflix

- Voicemails

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