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Apr 5, 2018

What’s up people?! It’s Alex. No really Alex is writing show notes!!!! As you all may or may not know, T-Rock recently invested in a second rig for us so now Fisher and myself can record without having to hot potato equipment.  Although my XLR cords are shit so I apologize now for the clicking.  Our goal is to record more content so that way when life gets nuts and we can't all get together to record you crazy animals still have stuff to laugh at. On this show, I do my drunk, punk rock impersonation of Beers with Fisher by going to STP and asking random people I have never seen before to talk to me about themselves.  My hope was it would be so bad that it would be good.  Instead, we met two crazy dudes. One is the official hype man for the Orlando Magic and the second started the FIRST craft beer bar in Nashville. Insane. Absolutely one of the most fun times I’ve had. I hope you guys dig it. Love and Peace. Enjoy the following:

-Alex forgets to turn on Vegeta’s mic

-Tokyo Tea

-Names and Intro’s

-Moving and Grooving

-Auditioning to be an angry African

-Lady’s love some CC Love

-Getting into the sports game

-Meeting Billy D. Williams

-14 years with Jimmy Buffet

-Sling shots vs. Tshirt Cannons


-Nashville and Music

-OG Beer gangsta

-Basement of Hooters

-1808 names for Boobs

-The beer industry then and now

-Downtown World of Beer

-A.D. knows all the cool people Fisher and I know

  • Drunk Outro
  • We want your feed back

Shout out to Sticky Steve for letting us use his music this episode. You can buy his stuff at or on Spotify. This was an experiment that I really enjoy. My plan next time is to hit Johnny’s Other Side with Logic Man and find some crazy old bikers. Love you all. You are BYOCB.

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