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Sep 6, 2018

MUAHHAHHAHA, IT IS I, Virgil the Demon from Fast Food Hell.  Oh, my greasy degenerates, my little morsels of unfried meat, what a treat we have for you on this special bonus episode of BYOCB.  On this show, Alex and The Intern prepare your pathetic souls for the upcoming BYOCB HHN Intern Club Meet Up.  Don't worry, it's not all business.  That bumbling fire pubed breathing maniac and his big dicked companion make sure to dig into some history about the Intern before giving you all of the nitty gritty, oh so pretty details of the event.  Join them as them ramble on about

- Our new announcer

- Intern Origins

- Passion

- Being a scareactor

- The mind of a killer

- Beer Rev Four-Year Anniversary Party

- Mephisto's playlist

- Tips for a fun time

- Info overload

And remember, don't get caught in Burger King after dark, because....I'LL BE WAITING FOR YOU.  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Your Ever Hungry,

Virgil, the Fast Food Demon

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