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Apr 30, 2020

Hello to our BYOCB Flock of Misfits. Fisher, Alex, and The Intern recapping how Alex spent his anniversary and how a bot put Intern out of work, plus Fisher is now an official Fox News Contributor On this show, we discuss

- Alex's failed bit

- Wedding anniversary

- BYOCB Club Zoom happy hour

- Still going at Trapt


Apr 16, 2020

Happy social distancing, BYOCB friends. We had a lot of fun recording virtually again and included Miss Peggy for the first time on this show, plus 18 minutes of Ballsack voicemail. What could go wrong? On this show, we discuss

- Drinking before shows

- Entertainment worker parties

- Miss Peggy's pesto project


Apr 9, 2020

It's not our norm, but we continue to try and pump out content via social distancing and we do enjoy getting the band together each week to not prepare, drink, and just see what happens. On this show, we discuss

- Zoom power hours

- A quarantine secret Santa

- Intern virtually hosts that trivia

- Shipt vs Instacart


Apr 2, 2020

With the amount of podcasts out there and available for everyone, BYOCB wanted to invite some local Central Florida podcasters to share their stories and talk about the current state of the podcasting industry. On this first bonus feature, we've got the full cast of T&D media, including Daniel Dennis, Tom Vann, and...

Apr 1, 2020

Our second virtual social distancing show and we all got hammered, which I think may of us are doing right now. Big thanks to Doug from Tactical Brewing Company for joining us and talking about the impact on small business and how we can continue to support. We Google Hungout on this one. On this show, we discuss

- We...