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Jun 27, 2018

We had a blast with our buddy Garrick, who made our delicious Chowda Juice that we gave you for FREE at #BYOCB3.  We debut a few new bits on this one from Beer Rev, and talked some soccer plus recapped the three year and how Fisher should have never sat at Table 1 for Alex's wedding.  On this episode, we discuss


Jun 21, 2018

Thank you for downloading this special edition of Beers with Fisher with my good friend from one of my absolute favorite podcasts, Peter von Taborsky of Scotch and "good" Conversation.  Click that link and be sure to subscribe to his show, cause it's great.  So what we do on Beers with Fisher is I sit down with a friend...

Jun 14, 2018

This one is all about what you need to know about our big Three Year Anniversary Party. #BYOCB3  We had to do something a tad different for this one, but it's all about the diapers and it's all about giving back to you all who are such a huge part of this Central Florida Community. #BYOCB3

Big thanks to our  friends at

Jun 5, 2018

LIVE FROM THE BACK PORCH OF CASA DE FAST FOOD JESUS. Whats ups SHEEPLE?! Nah, just kidding we love you all. On this episode the Intern and Alex take the wheel and are greeted by arguably the most pure person to ever sit in on our show, the
one and only beautiful Cat, aka Mrs. FFJ. On this episode we discuss:

-Info for...